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Zing™ – Powered by Med-Legal

Zing™ is your central vault to store records, reports, files and much more. Using our trademark platform, you can conveniently access your data through a variety of devices (including computers, phones and tablets).

Managing your discovery via Zing™ also allows you access to our exclusive Record Review features including concise summaries of all your records, the ability to keyword search across one or more documents, and the ability to add personalized notes for later reference.

Use Zing™ to effortlessly collaborate with other parties. Distribute reports, records, summaries and notes to any party of your choice (including doctors, evaluation groups, other attorneys and even your own in-house staff. Additionally, you can serve these documents while tracking the proof of access, usage and status of shared materials.

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Maximus Integrated

Speed up your Independent Medical Review (IMR) process by electronically submitting your discovery and Notice of Assignment(s) directly to Maximus with the click of a button. We also offer updates for all medical files on a 3 or 6 month basis to keep all discovery current and fresh for your cases.

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