What is SIBTF?

The Subsequent Injuries Benefits Trust Fund (SIBTF), is a program managed by the California Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) that encourages workers with pre-existing disabilities to seek employment and encourages employers to hire these disabled workers. SIBTF does this by providing benefits to qualifying injured workers despite the pre-existing disability.

Does Your Client Qualify for SIBTF Benefits?

  • Many medical conditions or injuries may be used to make the case
  • The disability doesn’t need to have prevented employment or caused loss of earnings
  • Order records to identify pre-existing disabilities through discovery
  • Identify your applicants’ percentage of disability using our calculators and ensure they meet the required criteria

Complete Medical History

Your SIBTF Solution

  • Med-Legal is proud to offer an extensive history of your applicants’ medical discovery and provide you with a launchpad for your SIBTF cases.
  • Many don’t know they can be compensated for a pre-existing disability (even one from a previous claim), so injured workers may forget or omit these treatments.
  • All records ordered through Med-Legal are processed to identify all prior medical history.
  • We’ll also work hand in hand with your preferred SIF Evaluator Group to share any and all discovery prior to your evaluation.
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Med-Legal’s SIBTF Capabilities

How Much Are Your Clients’ SIBTF Benefits worth?

You can determine the value of a client’s benefits by utilizing our permanent disability calculator located within our Workers’ Compensation services platform, Evedent™.

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Potential Pre-existing Disabilities Identified Through Discovery

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